Lady Llama's House


Here I am, laying on the floor of our rental, wondering when our beloved rescue boys get to run free in their own paradise of fully-fenced acreage with trees stretching up to the sunlight and not a whisper of cars or people for miles. Living on our own piece of wilderness and being self-sufficient, with an extended rescue family, that’s all we really think about these days.

It floods when it rains

We do have a backyard. As you can see, it floods when it rains.

I know that I should be grateful for having anything at all. That’s what I tell myself when I feel tears rolling down my face in sympathy for the sad and lonely puppy across the way.

He’s outside, rain or shine, day and night, crying for someone to come spend time with him. I wish it could be me. It would be amazing to be able to love him and make him a happy addition to our little love nest of a home.

Then I think of all the purr babies and growly hounds that need loving homes, and I get back to work. The sooner I’m well again, the sooner I can build up enough wealth to not only buy land so we can take on more bodies here but the sooner we’ll have more than enough to help out with rescue babies elsewhere!

Ultimately, that’s the dream. Step One: Get Well. Step Two: Build Wealth. Step Three: Buy Land. Step Four: Adopt More Rescue Babies. Step Five: Register A Non-Profit. Step Six: Cover Vet Costs For Animal Rescue Organisations.


Mostly I’m in love with Pit Bulls, Wolfhounds, Mastiffs, Ridgebacks, Bull Arabs and Catahoula Leopards. All breeds with high incidents of abuse and neglect. Any one of whom I’d be happy to take home, especially those who’d never known love, and to give them all the kisses and care they could cope with before they explode with happiness.

How can you not love
these beautiful faces

There is so much more to these breeds than the terrible stories people tell

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The Plan

Finding pro-cat puppies

Now that we have two purry furry drooly cat babies, I would love to find a few growly hounds to keep us all company.


Rescue Boy no. 01

Obviously, he has lots of other names. We call him Big Fella, Vanilla Bean, Crack Boy (b/c he loves biscuits and we only want him to eat raw food), the Blue-Eyed Lion, Lopez and so on. We adopted him from next door at our old house a few months after we moved in. 

Adopted 11 Jan 2020

Born 17 Jan 2016

Rescue Boy no. 02

The Green-Eyed Tiger, Bubba, Little Fellow, Fire Cat, Taco (b/c he rolls off things when he’s asleep), and the Littlest Bean. All of which he answers to. In fact, he’s so smart, there’s not much he doesn’t understand so we need to be careful about what we say.

Not realising we were going to adopt his older brother, I insisted we have a baby boy of our own. Whoever we met at Petstock that day was who we were meant to have. Lucky me!

Adopted 30 Dec 2019

Born 7 Oct 2019

Just because I get it doesn’t mean I can live with it, though 

I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have grown up in the circles I did, in the places I did, with the support I had. And now that I am almost grown and live in a semi-stable household, I look back and recognise the roots of what I’ve been building up to – an animal rescue.

When I was younger

I spent almost a decade homeless. From the day I left home at fifteen to the day I moved in with my husband at twenty-six years of age, I’d been ‘housed’ twice. The rest of the time I was free to bunk up or crash or travel with whomever wanted me around.

It never bothered me. I was an artist and a musician with no real roots to speak of. I liked meeting new people and moving into new spaces, especially with other lady art makers. The only thing I found difficult was deciphering human behaviour.

It didn’t make any sense to me that a person might judge someone else so harshly that they could hurt them, on purpose. Or manipulate them, to be different. Or lock them up for being inexplicable. Why would anyone want anything but what a person wants for themselves? I also couldn’t get my head around animal cruelty.

The idea of wanting to kill things and choosing profit over peace or preservation took me a while to figure out; close the thirty years. But now I get it. I understand why people do what they do, and it all makes complete sense to me now.